Anglim Western Metal Works

Local Metal Fabrication

Businesses in the greater Albuquerque area can save money on custom metal fabrication because a local company has the capability to cut, weld, shape and fabricate nearly any type of metal —Anglim’s Western Metal Works.

Local Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Anglim’s Western Metal Works offers every service you need for custom metal fabrication, including:

Our welders have experience with all types of metal fabrication projects, including structural fabrication, custom signs, prototypes, custom art etc. We can also repair nearly any existing metal structure as long as the integrity is good enough to withstand the welding process.

Benefits of Local Metal Fabrication

Having your metal fabrication needs met by a local company offers a number of benefits, such as:

  • Reduced cost for your metal fabrication project
  • Local metal fabrication eliminates most shipping costs and reduces other job-related expenses, including downtime while waiting for parts.

  • The money you spend stays in your community
  • By working with a local metal fabrication shop, you keep local people employed. Because your money stays local, what you spend on metal fabrication contributes to local tax-funded initiatives and projects.

You can visit our metal fabrication shop, and talk to our customers for references. You will be assured of the quality of our work.

For all your metal fabrication needs, go local—choose Anglim’s Western Metal Works. Contact us for a free estimate.

To work with a local shop for your metal fabrication project, call 505.822.9170!