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Aluminum Welding in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Aluminum is a basic element with applications as varied as kitchen appliances and aerospace. But the same properties that make aluminum a good choice for everything from patio railings to airplane wing skins to golf clubs can make welding a challenge…and one that not every metal fabrication shop is equipped to deal with.

Anglim’s Western Metal Works has a team of experienced welders who have the skill—and the right equipment—to provide aluminum welding services.

Aluminum Welding Challenges

Compared to other metals, aluminum presents some difficulties because it is:

  • Highly heat conductive
  • Easily warped by heat
  • Softer, more malleable

These properties mean that aluminum’s structural composition is more easily altered during the cutting and welding processes.

Overcoming Aluminum Welding Challenges

Anglim’s Western Metal Works has the right equipment and skills to deliver high-quality aluminum welding services.

We have one of two 5-axis water jets  in the state. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to make precision cuts without heat, keeping aluminum structurally sound.

We have welders with decades of experience in a variety of welding applications. They know what processes to use for quality results.

For the one metal shop that can meet all your cutting, welding and fabrication needs on any metal or metal alloy, contact Anglim’s Western Metal Works.

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