Anglim Western Metal Works

At Anglim’s Western Metal Works, we have the tools and experience to tackle a wide range of metal fabrication jobs, from individual projects to large-scale construction and industrial fabrications. We can cut, shape, and weld a variety of metals, and our work can be found throughout New Mexico. This includes supporting facilities that need on-site metal work.

Mobile Welding

When something is stressed to the point of breaking, it’s not always feasible to transport it to a shop for repair. Anglim’s Western Metal Works provides on-site welding services to let facilities continue the day’s work without interruption. If a piece can be transported, our shop has all of the equipment needed to complete any alterations or repairs.

And if your facility needs parts fabricated, we can create exactly what you need. From sketches to completed pieces, we have the expertise your facility needs.

Metal Fabrication Services for New Mexico

We are a full-service metal fabrication and welding shop. We have serviced businesses and individuals throughout the state, and we are happy to work with all industries and needs.

To request a quote for welding and fabrication service or to learn more about our mobile welding and other services, contact us today.

Call 505.822.9170 for a quote on your metalworking job.