Anglim Western Metal Works

Quality Welding in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Modern welding techniques and technologies have steadily improved throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, but advances in the equipment isn’t enough to ensure quality results. To create a quality weld, you need the skill of an experienced welder. You’ll get it from Anglim’s Western Metal Works.

What Quality Welding Looks Like

The whole purpose of welding is to join to metal structures by fusing them together. Quality welding should deliver two distinct characteristics:

  • A joint stronger than the base pieces being joined
  • A joint that disguises where one piece ends and the other begins

While it is difficult to visually assess the strength of the weld, you can certainly see the quality (or lack) of craftsmanship by examining the joint. Anglim’s Western Metal Works takes pride in delivering welds that give the finished product the smoothest look—and strength—possible.

How We Deliver Quality Welding Service

Anglim’s Western Metal Works provides quality welding results because we invest in the quality of our welding equipment and the skills of our welders.

Every welder on our team is experienced in a variety of welding applications, including MIG, TIG and Stick. We are dedicated to quality work and are only satisfied when the finished product meets our demanding standards.

For high-quality welding that looks good and lasts, contact Anglim’s Western Metal Works. We offer free estimate for all our welding services.

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