Anglim Western Metal Works

Water Jet Cutting Expertise

Anglim’s Western Metal Works has one of only two waterjet machines with a 5-axis cutting head in the entire state of New Mexico. The Maxiem 1530 has the capability to cut a variety of materials without warping caused by heat as well as cut intricate patterns at various sizes. The precision of the machine is unrivaled by other cutting methods.

Anglim’s Western Metal Works has the equipment and resources to deliver the best precision and quality water jet cutting.

How Our Expertise Benefits You

Having the most advanced cutting technology ensures that you get:

  • Unmatched precision
  • Metal work with uncompromised structural integrity, even in cutting zones
  • Cost-effective cutting
  • Reduced cumulative cost of fabrication

Water jet cutting produces better results for applications such as rough-out machining to custom art work.

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